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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Romane Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei The project records every published type of Roman Imperial Coinage from Augustus in 31 BC, until the death of Zeno in AD 491. This is an easy to use digital corpus, with downloadable catalog entries, incorporating over 43,000 types of coins

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  1. Identify your roman coins. Welcome on Ancient Roman Coin, the most accurate database of Roman coins. You will find every tools you need to easily identify Roman coins by metal, type of coin, emperor... We attach a great importance to each coin added on its description and RIC reference to provide you the most relevant information on the web for Roman coins. Enjoy your visit
  2. Welcome to the NEW version of the Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins, a Web site devoted to helping students and teachers learn more about ancient Roman coins. These pages contain images and descriptions of coins from the Early Republic through the end of the 4th century A.D. and the formal division of the Roman Empire into east and west
  3. Zenobia. Clodius Macer. Drusus. Honoria. Magnia Urbica. Paulina. Silbannacus. Zenonis. Anonymous Roman Coins
  4. Gallo-Roman Empire: Usurpers: Probus (276-282 AD) - RIC 5b, 1-928. Carus (282-283 AD) - RIC 5b, 1-146. Carinus (283-285 AD) - RIC 5b, 147-335. Magnia Urbica (193-195 AD) - RIC 5b, 336-351. Numerian (283-284 AD) - RIC 5b, 351-474. Diocletian (284-305) - RIC 5b, 1-338. Maximian (286-305 AD) - RIC 5b, 339-626
  5. An introduction to Roman coins . With over 140,000 coins on the database, Roman coins make up the largest single artefact type recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme. In recent years there has been a major push to record all coins found, not just those in good condition

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Roman Imperial database. 10,000 of the most common Roman Imperial coins. Roman Imperial legends database Partial legend search utility for both obverses and reverses. Byzantine database A database to help identify and attribute Byzantine coins. Tantalus Upload your own coins into a research database and share your collection with the world Search by cities, provinces, regions, emperors & empresses, magistrates, coin designs, coin inscriptions, and metals — or enter the number. Advanced search. Choose search criteria for any purpose. Some experience of the material may be necessary. Bibliography. A table of the bibliography and abbreviations used in the database. Resource CoinArchives is a database of coins featured in numismatic auctions. It brings together the text, images, and prices realized from catalogs issued by some of the most prestigious coin firms. Search our free archives of ancient and world coins. Coins from Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and other ancient civilizations

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Fake Roman Imperial Coins: Crisis to Recovery: Maximinus I - Numerian: AD 235 - 284: 1164 files, last one added on Jun 02, 2021. Fake Roman Imperial Coins: Tetrarchy: Diocletian - Licinius: AD 285 - 324: 185 files, last one added on Dec 10, 2020 Online database of coin images and descriptions that provides multiple options for searching and identification. Staatliche Museen's Antikensammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities) Main site for one of the most important collections of ancient Greek and Roman art in the world, featuring an image gallery, an online sculpture catalogue, a database of 'Ancient Bronzes in Berlin,' and more World Coins Archiving 79,328 records from 245 auctions added in the last six months Get access to the full database of 1,835,728 records with CoinArchives Pr Roman Empire Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins The pre-Denarius collectible Silver coins, struck from 280 BC to 211 BC, were called Didrachms and were the first of the Ancient Roman Silver coins. The Coin Reform of 211 BC made the Denarius the main Silver coin and the As the primary bronze coin

Coin database Quick search Search for coin types by emperors & empresses, mints, denominations, obverse titulatures, reverse legends, reverse types, — or enter the Temporary Number This site is dedicated to roman coinage, especially republican and early empire

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  1. Dating back to around 100 B.C. Ancient Roman coinage is one of the most popular areas of the ancient coin market. Austin Rare Coins is one of the premier ancient coin dealers in the United States, and we specialize in high-end ancient coins that have been certified and authenticated by NGC Ancients, the top ancient coin grading corporation in the business
  2. g auctions and more.. Finally, a single source of information; everything you need to make informed decisions on coin purchases
  3. coinage pages of roman emperors and their families Emperors: A-B Aelia Ariadne Aelia Flacilla Aelia Verina Aelius Aemilian Agrippa Agrippa Postumus Agrippina I Agrippina II Alexander Allectus Annia Faustina Annius Verus Anonymous Anthemius Antinous Antonia Antoninus Pius Aquilia Severa Arcadius Asinius Gallus Augustus Aurelian Aureolus Avitus Balbinus Basiliscus Bonosus Britannicu
  4. Roman gold medallion (double solidus) coin showing Roman Emperor Constantine the Great as prayer, 327 AD. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria. Ancient roman coin isolated over white Ancient roman coin isolated over white https://www.alamy.com/licenses-and-pricing/?v=1 https://www.alamy.com/ancient-roman-coin-isolated-over-white-image227574732.htm

Before the Roman Coins. Since the origins of Rome, trade and exchanges with other Mediterranean peoples have required practical innovation to make easier the exchange of goods. Initially, at the beginning of Rome's history, the most widespread exchange method was barter, where goods were exchanged with other goods of equal value.. But this was not an optimal way to handle trade Search. Identify. Learn. Welcome to the World Coin Database! The goal of this site is to provide coin collectors and the general public with guides to help identify, catalog, and learn about world coins.The World Coin Database strives to differentiate itself from other world coin sites by having extensive searching and browsing capabilities Ancient Coins & Antiquities. ROMANORVM is a web and mail-order business dealing in ancient coins, particularly Roman and Greek. Through our web site you can search our database of available coins or find supporting information on collecting ancient coins. Greek ( 84) Eastern Greek ( 21) Roman Republic ( 27) Roman Imperial ( 192) Byzantine ( 29 Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project. Hoard of 4957 Roman coins from Chalgrove in Oxfordshire on display in the Ashmolean's Money Gallery. The jar revealed a coin of Domitianus, an unknown Roman emperor of AD 271. Visit the Live Web App to explore the hoard data (currently containing 7,400 hoards and 2.5 million coins) Our expert has shared the top 10 features to pay attention to when buying a Roman coin. 1. Material Gold is always a good investment. Roman gold coins have become even more valuable over the past decades. At Catawiki different kinds of aurei in medium and high grades have sold for thousands of euros


  1. This database presents data first published in Richard Hobbs 2006, Late Roman precious metal deposits, c. AD 200-700: changes over time and space (Archaeopress). The Database contains a comprehensive inventory and analysis of the changing patterns of precious metal deposits (coins and artifacts) across western Eurasia
  2. Our goal is to provide coin collectors, history buffs, and anyone that shares our fascination and interest in the Ancient World with an extensive collection of numismatic data, ancient history and art. We are glad to present the first stage of our project - an extensive reference of Roman Imperial Coinage
  3. Semisse: Roman coin with Jupiter and a ship. Other themes represented were related to rural and simple life of the time. You will find republican coins with shell, wild boar, dolphin, etc.. Sestante: Roman Coin with a Shell. Because of their antiquity, these well-preserved coins can now reach a very high value from 30 to 200 euro
  4. Ancient coins from the Roman Republic from 320 BC to the Roman Imperatorial period, beginning with the First Triumvirate in 59 BC. Listed alphabetically by gens, such as Aquillia, Calpurnia, Cordia, Julia, Pompeia and Valeria
  5. Roman Numismatic Gallery www.romancoins.info >15,000,000 page loads, >5,000,000 unique visitors. 15 Years 2005 - 2020 Roman Portrait Sculpture www.caesaris.com: 19 Years 2001 - 2020 Roman Military Museum www.romanlegions.info: Roman Portraits on Coins - Imagines Imperatoru
  6. ted in the provinces of the empire and shows how they can be regarded as an integral part of the coinage

All Breed Horse Pedigree Database Pedigree Online's All Breed pedigree database consists of more than 6.4 million horses from around the world cover all breeds of horses. If this is your first time visiting the site, you can pull up the pedigree for any horses in the database by simply entering it's name in the form above and clicking the Horse Query button VISUAL CATALOGUE: Study of the late roman bronze coins covering 247 types of reverses of the period A.D. 313 - 498 (RIC VII - X)

AGRIPPA COINS. Agrippa, Marcus Vipsanius, born in B.C. 63, of an obscure family, studied with young Octavius (afterward the Emperor Augustus) at Apollonia in Illyria ; and upon the murder of Caesar in 44, was one of the friends of Octavius, who advised him to proceed immediately to Rome.He was the son-in-law of the Emperor Augustus, maternal grandfather of the Emperor Caligula, father-in-law. Chalgrove Roman Coin Hoard. The hoard was discovered in 2003 by Brian Malin while metal detecting on farmland near Chalgrove, less than ten miles from Oxford. He found it only 100 feet away from another hoard, which he and other members of his family had unearthed fourteen years earlier. The jar in the ground held 4957 Roman coins ranging in.

Dirty Old Coins, the site for the uncleaned coin hobbyis Archiving 79,328 records from 245 auctions added in the last six months Get access to the full database of 1,835,728 records with CoinArchives Pr Find the perfect ancient roman coin stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now Download Roman Coin Software. Coin Collection Wizard v.1.01 Coin Collection Wizard is a personal coin collection database. Use it to record and track your coin collection as it grows. Keep a list of all of your rare coins and collectable coins in the program and track the value, price and dates Christian Symbols: There are only four Christian symbols on Roman coins of the fourth century: the chi-rho, cross (square or long), cross-rho, and the hand of God (without and with wreath).The chi-rho (, a.k.a. christogram) is formed from the first two letters of Christ in Greek (chi = X and rho = P).The chi-rho is used far more commonly than the cross or cross-rho, but on one issue they are.

Roman Coin Attribution 101. Ancient Greek Coin Collecting 101. Patina 101. Magnification 101. Diameter 101. Die Alignment 101. Bust Types 101. Ancient Coin Prices 101. Ancient Coins & Modern Fakes. Ancient Glass. Anonymous Follis. Anonymous Class A Folles. Coins of Pontius Pilate. Denomination. Dictionary of Roman Coins. ERIC Welcome to the home of RIB online. Welcome to the home of. RIB. online. Browse and discover the voices of the past, drawn from the writings of those who lived, served, and died in Roman Britain. This on-line edition is fully indexed and searchable. Here's some guidance: If you already know the number of the inscription from RIB, or tablet from. IMDb is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Find ratings and reviews for the newest movie and TV shows. Get personalized recommendations, and learn where to watch across hundreds of streaming providers

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Coin Collection Wizard is a personal coin collection database. Use it to record and track your coin collection as it grows. Keep a list of all of your rare coins and collectable coins in the program and track the value, price and dates The Welsh data incorporated within the PAS database include 2 solidi, 7 siliquae, one half- siliqua, and 3,463 nummi from Caerwent, and 63 nummi from other sites (Guest and Wells 2007).8 A major analysis of late Roman coin finds recorded with the PAS has recently been published by Walton and the recently published volume on the Traprain Law. Adam Degler, PhD The database for recording Roman coin finds from Poland and territory associated historically with Poland (FRC PL) on the example of Western Ukraine 3RD JOINT MEETING OF ECFN AND NOMISMA.ORG BASEL, 13TH-15TH MARCH, 2014 Basic information The database was created in one-and-a-half year proccess (Autumn 2012 - Spring 2014) during which time, the FRC PL group was in constant.

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ROMANORVM is a web and mail-order business dealing in ancient coins, particularly Roman and Greek. Through our web site you can search our database of available coins or find supporting information on collecting ancient coins. New! Romanorum will be hosting at stall at the Brisbane ANDA MoneyExpo, Saturday and Sunday, 1st and 2nd May 2021 at. Match all words. Advanced Search. Log o Coin hoards of the Roman Republic. Kris Lockyear has been collecting and analysing data regarding Roman Republican coin hoards since 1989. The database now consists of over 100,000 well identified coins. This database has been extensively (but not exhaustively) analysed and has resulted in a number of papers and a book This comprehensive database of ancient coins discovered in modern Wales has been created by researchers from Cardiff School of History & Archaeology with funding from the Board of Celtic Studies. The primary objectives of the project were to create an inventory of ancient coins from Wales and to disseminate this body of information to as wide an audience as possible. The dataset currently. Roman Republican coin hoards mainly from the period 155 BC to AD 2, with the ability to query online and to export query results as .csv files including the hoard URI, location, dates, coin types and findspot URI (geonames)

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Coin hoards of the Roman Republic Online (CHRR Online) is a database of Roman Republican coin hoards mainly from the period 155 BC to AD 2. This database began life as a personal research database constructed by Kris Lockyear using a combination of published data and Michael Crawford's personal archive now housed the in the British Museum Roman Republican currency refers to the Coinage struck by the various magistrates of the Roman Republic, to be used as legal tender.In modern times, the abbreviation RRC, Roman Republican Coinage originally the name of a reference work on the topic by Michael H. Crawford, has come to be used as an identifying tag for coins assigned a number in that work, such as RRC 367 Coin catalogue. 169 398 coins • 304 countries • 3555 issuers. » Latest additions to the catalogue » Full coin list. Search the catalogue for coins and banknotes, in order to identify one of your collectibles or get information about it. You will be able to add it to your online collection or find other users offering it for swap

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Biggest coin database in German-speaking world to go live today The new resource provides images and data on 90,000 coins. Catherine Hickley. (Online Coins of the Roman Empire),. If the coin shows no wear at all, 100% of the design is remaining and the coin shows the full luster, it should be graded FDC/Fleur de Coin (or MS 66-70), which is rarely the case with Roman coins. Extremely Fine (EF) is about the highest grade you can hope for when it comes to Roman coins ; 90% of the design is remaining, the coin is well-centered and looks almost as though it were struck.

More coin hoards have been recorded from Roman Britain than from any other province of the Empire. This comprehensive and lavishly illustrated volume provides a survey of over 3260 hoards of Iron Age and Roman coins found in England and Wales with a detailed analysis and discussion.Theories of hoarding and deposition and examined, national and regional patterns in the landscape settings of. Aorta: A guide for the Roman coin collector. Our newest title is an abridged version of ERIC II. This affordable book is the perfect beginner's companion into the exciting hobby of ancient Roman coin collecting. Aorta features: - Concise and portable at only 6.5x5 and just over 1lb. - Most affordable Roman coin catalog by far A A coin and its parts There is a specific terminology used by numismatists when describing a coin. Type refers to the image on a coin. The legend is any writing on the coin. The exergue is a space on the coin below the central design, usually delineated by a line. The field of a coin is the blank space surrounding the image. The obverse of a coin is usually the 'heads' side, though. Most Roman coins were made of bronze, silver and gold. They come in various sizes comparable to the U.S. quarter, nickel and dime. The first coin, made of bronze, is believed to have been struck around 269 b.c., before the formation of the Roman Empire

Ancient Hellenic, Hellenistic and city-state coins from across the Ancient Greek world, including Bosporus Kings, Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Boeotia, and Sicily issues. The popular and interesting Athenian owl tetradrachms, can be found in the Athens subcategory The availability of this database of numismatic information puts a very substantial body of evidence at our fingertips, which, it is hoped, will encourage the continued investigation of coin supply, circulation and use in western Britain during the later Iron Age and Roman periods

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T his is the main catalog of the VCRC. From this page you may browse the VCRC for coins by decades for the Republic and by emperor/empress for the Empire. Find the emperor or empress on the left and click on the link. It should open the catalog page in the frame on the right. If you prefer to have the page open into its own window, hold down. Collector Coins. 1,652 likes · 9 talking about this. The database of collector and commmorative coins Biggest coin database in German-speaking world to go live today. Frescoes Stolen from Ancient Roman Villas Returned to Pompeii. artnews.com - Jesse Holth. See more. Join the flipboard community Discover, collect, and share stories for all your interests Sign up Roman coin of Leo I Late Roman period Arab-Byzantine coin: Greek Athenian coin Khirbet er-Rujum: Greek Athenian coin Atlit: Greek coin of Alexander the Great (posthumous) Hellenistic period Coin from Samaria Persian period Greek coin from Lesbos: Greek coin from Mytilene: Roman Imperial coin of Titus: Roman Imperial coin of Vespasian (Judaea Capta The latest coin, of Arcadius, dates to 388-95. This group contains coins commonly found in late Roman silver hoards in Britain. The other two coins from the hoard are recorded on the database as ESS-2E3021 and ESS-2DEBA

List of References. Šurbaniska, M. and Jakimovski, A. - 2010 - Forum romanum Stobis. Arheološka i turistička valorizacija na rimskiot grad Stobi, 2007-2008 = Forum romanum Stobis II. Archaeological and tourist valuation of the roman town of Stobi, 2007-2008 - Back to RNG Mainpage. Useful Numismatic Links. Numismatic Links. Online Coins of the Roman Empire; RIC 268-276 AD; Virtual Catalogue of Roman Coins; Wildwinds Roman Coin database; AC Search (coins from major auctions since 2000, free of charge); Coinarchives.com (coins from major auctions since 2000, high cost for users); Modern Fakes (good overview and links to other pages on modern fakes

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World Coin Search. The World Coin Price Guide is a complete catalog of values for World coins from 1600 to date. Created by NGC and Active Interest Media's NumisMaster, the price guide pages are arranged by Krause catalog numbers and include values, images and specifications such as weight, composition, engraver and current bullion values late roman bronze coin object-oriented database great challenge 4th century a.c. current manual practice important emerging field improved classification algorithm extensible odmgcompliant schema image content introduction ancient special emphasis new approach maximum use current object-oriented database technology digital library ancient coin. Specimens of this coin type; Location Reference Quantity Weight Axis Remark; London (1950 10-6-530) 1: 3.53: 12: London (R 1833) 1: 3.59: 6: Paris (AF 11728) BNC 85

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CoinArchives Pro: Your source for advanced research and market information on ancient and modern coins and medals. CoinArchives Pro is a database that helps you: Gather recent and historical market information. Research the rarity of coins on the auction market. Make better buying and selling decisions A metal detectorist in Britain has struck it lucky, after discovering a remarkably preserved gold Roman coin worth more than £10,000. According to reports, the lucky treasure hunter was using a second-hand metal detector when he discovered the coin in a farmer's field near the village of Wanstrow, Somerset Biggest coin database in German-speaking world to go live today. An enormous Roman-era basilica containing statues of the Greek goddesses Nike and Tyche, or Isis, was recently unearthed in Israel.Read the full.

High Weald Roman Coin Hoard and pottery container. In 2008, during the summer holidays at King's College London, I was lucky enough to gain an internship at The British Museum identifying and cataloguing the High Weald hoard.The hoard, discovered in East Sussex with the aid of a metal detector, contained 2895 radiate coins dating from AD 215-268 1-800-872-6467 Ext. 1277. DavidM@HA.com. View Bio. David Mayfield is a Vice President at Heritage Auctions. David started collecting coins at the age of nine and has been trading at coin shows since he was ten years old. David became a full time coin dealer in the early 80's, and has been a regular on the national and international coin show. World coin database Most programs have some mechanism for adding coins from other countries by entering the name of the country, the denomination, and so forth. Some of the programs above include information about coins from a select number of countries so that when you enter a coin, you can select the denomination and type from a list

Athenian Owls. Athenian Owls, thick, heavy, high-relief silver coins minted more than 2,000 years ago, were arguably the most influential of all coins, and the Classical Owl tetradrachm, pictured above, is the most widely recognized ancient coin among the general public today. Owls were the first widely used international coin Roman Provincial Coinage series, is still forthcoming, but the cataloguing of speci­ mens is complete, and the database can be accessed online (http:/ /rpc.ashrnus.ox .ac.uk). The volume itself will follow the model of earlier volumes in the series and thus provide detailed discussion of each mint and region. The temporary ID num Roman coinage provides a major resource for historians and archaeologists, both of whom require a reliable standard typology. The Roman Provincial Coinage initiative complements the now complete Roman Imperial Coinage publication series.The aim is to provide a standard treatment of all provincial coinage of the Roman Empire from its beginning in 44 BC to its end in AD 296/7 and to make this. The Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project intends to fill the major lacuna in the digital coverage of hoards from antiquity. Its aim is to collect information about hoards of all coinages in use in the Roman Empire between 30 BC and AD 400. Imperial Coinage forms the main focus of the project, but Iron Age and Roman Provincial coinages in. Greek and Roman Arabic Germanic 19th-Century American Renaissance Richmond Times Italian Poetry. Word Counts by Language; English (44,462,693 words) French (2,002 words) German (424,832 words) Greek (13,507,448 words) Italian (178 words) Latin (10,525,338 words) Old English (1 word.

Profile for Emperor: Constantine IAllan Quatermain - Changes — The Movie Database (TMDb)30 Pieces of Silver | James McGrathAssociations in the Greco-Roman World (AGRW)

This database aims to catalogue all known ancient wrecks in the Mediterranean up to AD 1500 to provide a basis for quantitative analysis over time, building on the seminal work of A.J. Parker, Ancient Shipwrecks of the Mediterranean and the Roman Provinces (Oxford: BAR International Series 580, 1992), and the database from Julia Strauss's PhD. thesis entitled Roman Cargoes: Underwater. Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins. An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors . DIR Atlas. Commodus (A.D. 180-192) Dennis Quinn. Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus, the son of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his wife-cousin Faustina, was born in Lanuvium in 161 AD. Commodus was named Caesar at the age of 5, and co-Augustus at the age of 17, spending most of his early life accompanying his father on. Roman Coin: Nummus of Constans (Mint of Siscia) Description English: A complete copper alloy nummus of Constans (337-350); VICTORIAE DD NN AVGGQ N N; Two Victories standing, holding wreaths; Mint of Siscia, 347-8 Two types of coin were found to make up the hoard, sestertii and dupondii. These are large, low denomination bronze coins (sestertii being the larger of the two) issued from the 1st century AD until the middle of the 3rd century AD. These two denominations were the basic units of currency in Roman Britain 1207. A glorious jewel made from hundreds of tiny pieces of garnet set in gold to form geometric and animal shapes lay for 1,400 years on the breast of an unknown woman until her Norfolk grave was.

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